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Two Speed Reels


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Qualia, your fishing gear experts or at least we’d like to you to think so. We specialize in various fishing gear, that is home designed by our founder, Jack Young.

Here at Qualia we are driven by our passion for providing you with the best possible fishing gear. Not only do we sell you the gear you want. We also want you to spend more time actually catching fish than waiting for it to bite. So here at Qualia, we work hard to provide you with optimal and efficient fishing gear such as the allusive two-speed reel fishing rod.

Two-speed reels

What is a two-speed reel fishing rod?
Well, to be blunt, it is when your fishing rods reel has two gears instead of one. Nothing big, but when you compare the pros and cons of two-speed reels, you come to see why a two-speed reel will be preferred over a normal reel.
Yay or nay! Weighing out the pros and cons.

I’ll start off with the disadvantages, because there really isn’t much to say other than the costs involved in purchasing a two-speed reel fishing rod and that they only work as well as you use them.

Now. What we all want to know is why should you pay big money for a two-speed reel when a one-speed reel would suffice. So, herewith I’ll list a few advantages.
Well, you have access to two gears so the lower gear is advantageous when fishing out tuna and the big cows come a little easier when you can keep the pressure with the aid of the lower gear.
Angling with a two-speed reel could make for quite an effective fisherman.
It is a brilliant fishing mechanism, simple but yet sleek and instead of using a single gear set to retrieve line at a given speed, it offers two gears used, designated as low and high, giving anglers more options when fishing.
Even though the newer two-speed models pack some weight they have proven to be versatile and this is also one of the big reasons for it being so attractive to clients.
Two-speed reels became apparent in 1937, however today it has evolved to such an extent that it is also excellent for catching miniature critters. And not just the big ones.
It has an exceptionally well inches per crank, this is the amount of line that is being retrieved when you turn the handle.
It is designed so that it can be environmentally friendly. The ergonomic design is so effective that it essentially acts as a third gear of sorts, increasing retrieval speed with spool height.
Two-speed reels have a low gearing and slower turning pool which all in all generates more cranking power. Cranking power helps with those big, tough, hard to catch fish.
One important thing to remember is that where so ever you may find yourself angling fish is that two-speed reels are only as good as how you use them. So it would do you good to know how to use them well.
Then when you are all set and ready, look us up and we’ll provide you with the best that fishing gear has to offer.

Two Speed Reels
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