Two Speed Fishing Reels

Two Speed Fishing Reels

Sometimes two are better than one and that may be especially true when it comes to fishing reels. While one-speed reels have been the reliable standard and will remain useful, two-speed fishing reels are becoming more and more important in the angler’s tackle box. Your fishing reel is an essential part of an enjoyable and successful fishing excursion.

Benefits of Two-Speed Fishing Reels

There are a number of benefits to having a reel with two speeds. Two-speed fishing reels use two sets of gears instead of one. Each one allows you to retrieve a line at a certain speed, for instance, high and low speeds.

2-speed reels give you more flexibility and allow you much more flexibility than using a single speed reel. Although there are two components, the weight is generally not an issue and they are made very sleek in design. The concept was first utilized in the mid 1930’s. Since then, the reels have become sleeker, smaller and more compact. They can crank at a higher speed, giving you a faster retrieval speed.

Two-speed fishing reels are more convenient to use because you can decide at the moment the speed that you prefer. When used properly, this type of reel can allow you to use more pressure on the fish. Once you have a 2-speed reel you will be able to learn the techniques that will give you an advantage over the fish. You will become proficient at determining when it is best to use a 2-speed reel.

For example, a traditional one-speed reel may be best for certain types of fish, such as striped marlin or white sea bass since they don’t generally pull extremely hard. However, you can decide how to best use your 2-speed reel.

High Quality Fishing Reels

At Qualia Service and Sales we have a variety of high quality fishing equipment for sale including two-speed fishing reels. Our reels are built to last using durable materials and workmanship. They have an ergonomic design so they are easy to hold and control. We offer 2-soeed reels in both conventional and jigging styles.

Our Advanz two-speed reel lets you fight fish longer and easier with less fatigue. They are built for saltwater fishing and re ideal for anglers of all skill levels. The precision-cut, oversized gears are dependable and will provide smooth shifting at maximum cranking strength. The comfort-fit grip is soft and fits the contours of your hand so you can hold on comfortably.

The Qualia Q12HS-2 and 16HS-2 high speed 2-speed reels are made with aircraft aluminum and 404 stainless steel gears that are heat treated. All of the parts are specially treated to inhibit corrosion and provide strength and durability under all conditions. We use 6 Nano-treated Tenex spool bearings that are ten times more resistant to corrosion than standard stainless steel bearings. We provide a full one year warranty on our reels and will repair or replace a reel if it is defective due to materials or workmanship within the first year.



Two Speed Fishing Reels
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