No-Load Fishing Reel

No-Load Fishing Reel

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When you fish with a QUALIA spinning reel, you’ll find that the QUALIA No Load Fishing Spinning Reel design gives you a chance to fight fish harder, fish longer and with less fatigue than other brands of spinning reels. No Load Fishing means the mainshaft on each QUALIA spinning reel is designed and engineered to not bend, bind or flex under load unlike other spinning reel brands . While all reels have a limit of durability, we purposely over-designed the QUALIA No Load Spinning Reels so that you can test your saltwater skills to the limit.

QUALIA NLF Spinning Reels are designed and engineered with seven (7) patents, the spools have seven (7) drag washers, and each reel has seven (7) sealed stainless steel ball bearings for long life, corrosion resistance, smooth operation and great fishing capabilities. The QUALIA NLF spool features a chrome lip so braided lines will not cut into the spool, and the oscillating system is designed to allow monofilament, fluorocarbon or braided line to lay flat on the spool during the retrieve.

The NLF 30 and NLF 50 reels feature an anti-reverse bearing with unlimited rotational positions and the NLF 70, has two (2) anti reverse cams, to offer 36 positions

All QUALIA NLF spinning reels are externally powder coated to provide a superior exterior finish, protection against corrosion and a finish that will last much longer than an anodized finish. Powder coating is a much more costly process that assures you of the best exterior finish and protection for your QUALIA spinning reel.

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Prepare yourself for a pleasant surprise

These over built. saltwater spinning reels are full of features you’d usually pay much more to own:

  • Powerful, cast gearing with a machined brass pinion for added smoothness.
  • A smooth, wide-range seven (7) disc drag with super-slick friction washers for greatest range.
  • An infinite anti-reverse system for the fastest possible no-slip hook sets on our NLF 30 and NLF 50 reels. A 36 position anti-reverse system on our NLF 70 for the big fish.
  • An over-long coil bail spring for the most positive action and the longest bail life imaginable.
  • A forged aluminum spool to handle the highest pressure line loads.
  • An oversized, soft-touch grip to make your hardest fish fight a “gripping” event.
  • A forged aluminum handle for the strength necessary to drive this powerful reel.
  • A computer-balanced rotor to ensure the only vibrations you feel come from somewhere near the hook.
  • A unique, patented oscillation system to provide the smoothest line wind possible for both monofilament and braided line
  • An extraordinarily strong stainless steel main shaft support over 2.5 times longer than most other reels to prevent binding under extreme loads.

Manual NLF 30
Manual NLF 50
Manual NLF 70

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NLF-30, NLF-50, NLF-70

2 reviews for No-Load Fishing Reel

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I am retired and fish 4-5 days a week with the NLF-30. I have owned two of the NLF-30s for over two years and the reels perform as superbly as they did when new.

    I have landed hundreds of fish during that time including; Rainbow Trout (over 6lbs) Lake Trout (over 15lbs) in all types of inclement weather and conditions. The NLF-30 has proven to be extremely reliable and durable- I have had zero issues with these reels over the 2 years.

    The reel is also very easy to cast using a variety of line types. For most of my fishing I have spooled the reel with a monofilament backing then a premium 6-10 lb Fluorocarbon. I have matched the reel with a Fenwick HMX 7ft medium power, extra fast rod. I have been very impressed with how easy the reel casts and casting distance using this set-up.

    The no load main shaft support system works flawlessly when handling a large fish, the multi-disk drag (7 drag washers) is of high quality and very smooth under all settings. I really like the double mold soft grip on the reel handle as this provides a very comfortable and secure grip for a day of fishing.

    The reel has a great warranty, parts and service are readily available and Qualia customer service is excellent. For the price point this reel is outstanding and built like a tank. This is a very well designed, reliable, durable and smooth reel.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    All the NLF spinning reels are built like ABRAMS TANKS. Smooth action. I highly recommend these reels to my customers.

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