High Speed Fishing Reels

High Speed Fishing Reels

If you enjoy the thrill and adventure of fishing you know your gear has to be able to stand up to the pressures of the job. Whether you are an advanced angler or are new to the sport, you want fishing gear you can count on, even in the most extreme fishing conditions. Qualia makes high speed fishing reels that will make your experience the best possible. We strive to ensure that our reels are top quality and we have more than 35 patents under our belt.

Features of High Speed Fishing Reels

There are some features that are essential to have on high speed fishing reels. We offer both one and two speed reels that are ideal for all situations. Our reels are made of high quality, durable materials that are built like tanks. They will withstand the pressures of all conditions and will withstand saltwater use. The ergonomic design makes it easier and more efficient to handle event the toughest fish.

Our Advanz two-speed reel is one of our most significant reels. We are proud to offer a top quality two-speed reel that is built tough and provides you with all of the features that you need when you are out on the water. The reel gives you super powers so you can fight harder and longer and do it with less fatigue.

The reel features a CNC billet-machined main frame that gives the reel the maximum possible rigidity. Cold forged aluminum side plates also provide strength to the system. The spool is also made in the same way and gives you the best possible strength and keeps the parts properly aligned.

There are stainless steel parts throughout the system including the use of #404 stainless steel heat treated gearing to resist corrosion and wear. The stainless steel foot offers the strongest possible attachment to your rod. The on-off spool clicker sends an audible tone when line is being stripped from the reel.

Our high speed fishing reels give you the best quality options at affordable prices. Our two-speed reels are available with various options so you can choose the one that best meets your needs and budget. The reels are made to endure any weather and the ball bearings are “Tenex” shielded stainless steel that provides trouble-free operation.

 Qualia High Quality Fishing Reels

 At Qualia we have been engineering top quality high speed fishing reels for decades. Our design team is always creating the best features to put on our reels that will make fishing more enjoyable and comfortable. Our reels are built tough and made to last. They are all guaranteed for one year. Each of our reels is made with extremely high quality materials so they will last a long time under extreme conditions. You can count on your Qualia reel at all times to ensure that you can handle even the largest fish on the line. You only need one brand of reel in your tackle box when you own a Qualia fishing reel.   

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