Fishing Reels Reviews

Fishing Reels Reviews


Hey! Are you planning a fishing trip? A family vacation or bonding time with your son? You can do neither without your fishing gear. So what I would suggest is for you to go to your nearest Qualia Fishing outlet for all your fishing needs. 

Our history Our founder and beloved stewed, Jack Young, has spent about 40 years designing and then building fishing reel equipment for other companies before starting his very own company, Qualia back in 2004.


Fast forward to the present. Currently, we are competent enough to compete with other companies in our industry by bringing you the best that Qualia has to offer.

 When you purchase a fishing reel from us it comes with a one year warranty for both the parts and labor that will be done on the reel. Not only do we have individual clients, but we render our services to various fishing companies as well. I do not mean to boast, but we do have parts to repair every model of reel we have produced since the first day of business.

At Qualia it is about more than just specializing in fishing reels, it is more than just a service we provide. It's not a once off thing. Here at Qualia we believe in "Service after the sale, is as important as the sale". 

Fishing Reels Reviews

What our clients think...

You know you can boast all you want about the services you provide, however, it is only your clients that will define the - how do I put this - the merits of your service. Lucky for us, our clients can speak for us. 

We have received a splendid amount of positive reviews that can only speak for themselves, about how we deliver exceptional service.

Here are a few reviews from our trusted clients:

"I am retired and fish 4-5 days a week with the NLF-30. I have owned two of the NLF-30s for over two years and the reels perform as superbly as they did when new. I have landed hundreds of fish during that time including; Rainbow Trout (over 6lbs) and Lake Trout (over 15lbs) in all types of inclement weather and conditions. The NLF-30 has proven to be extremely reliable and durable- I have had zero issues with these reels over the 2 years." 

Brian Ritchey "When you look at the angler management Q14 wide reel, the first thing you notice is that it's compact and simple in design. We wanted to take some of the best features that we've seen and some of the current product offerings and incorporate the finest features from each reel into our own to have the "ultimate all-around" product for our fishery here on the East Coast." 

Q14 WAM Review "If you've been following angler management in the development of some of the new reels that we have been working with Qualia on, then this review will seem very similar to our selfish series real, the 14WAM." Q50-II ReviewIt can be said without a doubt that we love feedback from our clients. We use your feedback as suggestions to help shape our innovative abilities to further give you, our clients, the best possible results.

Fishing Reels Reviews
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