Advanz High Speed Reel

Advanz High Speed Reel


When you do go fishing with this Advanz reel, you’ll find that these features give you a chance to fight harder, fight longer and fight with less fatigue. While all reels have a limit of durability, we purposely over-designed the Advanz reels so that you can test your saltwater skills to the limit.

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Prepare yourself for a pleasant surprise

This Advanz Conventional Reel is full of features you’d usually pay much more to own:

  • The CNC billet-machined main frame provides the maximum possible frame rigidity.
  • Cold forged aluminum sideplates match the mainframe for greatest strength and provide the best parts alignment.
  • A CNC billet-machined spool ensures maximum material consistency and strongest line support.
  • All stainless steel gearing provides superior strength plus corrosion and wear resistance.
  • A stainless steel foot means that your reel will always have the strongest possible attachment to your rod.
  • The cold-forged adjustable aluminum lever drag will give you years of dependable use.
  • An ON/OFF spool clicker broadcasts an audible alarm when line is being stripped from the reel.
  • A dual positive anti-reverse system means consistent, maximum stopping strength.
  • The comfort-touch grip keeps your hand in the fight for hour after hour of hard fishing.

Manual Q12-HS/Q16-HS
Manual Q12-IIHS/Q16-IIHS
Warranty 1 Year Parts and Labor

Model Type

Q 12HS-1, Q 16HS-1, Q 12HS-2, Q 16HS-2, Q14 WAM, Q 12W

1 review for Advanz High Speed Reel

  1. Q14-WAM Review

    When you look at the angler management Q 14 wide reel, the first thing you notice is that it’s compact and simple in design. We set out to build something very simple with as few moving parts as possible using high-quality materials so that we could have a great reel that could tackle large fish, with as little maintenance as possible but most importantly have no breakdowns or failure points. We wanted to take some of the best features that we’ve seen and some of the current product offerings and incorporate the finest features from each Reel into our own to have the “ultimate all-around” product for our fishery here on the East Coast.

    You’ll notice a simple high-quality corrosion resistant aluminum frame, all one piece.

    The right side of the reel is also machined aluminum and you’ll notice that the real Seat being stainless steel is actually built into the frame instead of bolted on top, this creates a low profile as well as weight reduction in the overall product.

    Second, as people who do a lot of live bait fishing we wanted to reel that didn’t have any slippage points in the drag as well as the preset knob. So we actually added notches to all of these so that they cannot slip while underway or mistakingly hit by a hand of an angler. You actually have to be paying attention to manipulate The preset knob or drag. Our drag system as notched as well and for the first 8-10 points (clicks) that we have they actually increase at about 1 pound of drag per click so if somebody wanted to fish 4 pounds of drag they just go to the fourth click. This is something that has never been done in any reel on the market previously.

    Next, by removing three of the hex head screws, stainless steel by the way, you’ll have access to the right side and when you pull it off the first thing that you’re going to notice is the incredibly simple design. There is a large stainless steel gear that turns a large brass main/pinion gear which operates the spool. This is notched using a large 5/8″ square fitting which will never wear away or fail. This is the largest gear that we could put into this reel giving it ultimate speed when trying to retrieve line. As your examine the ball bearings you will see that the spool sets on three high-quality Taiwanese bearings, which are known for having super high-quality and used in some of the finest reels in the world. You’ll notice a larger right side bearing to handle the thrust load of the drag so that we can fish both low and high drag settings without having any additional pressure on the right side of the school, or “binding” which is very common in some lever drag reels on the market nowadays.

    When you remove the drag pressure plate, which slips right off you’ll see the dog back up which actually slips over the main gear to keep it perfectly centered as well as keep it from moving side to side or make any additional or unwanted clicking noise whatsoever.

    The large carbon drag washer that is heavily notched into the reel as well as greased with Cal’s grease makes this real very smooth whether it’s putting out 2 pounds or 20 pounds of drag.

    Finally, as you remove the spool which is incredibly light weight you’ll also notice that it does not sit on a spacer so we’ve also eliminated an area where any debris or build that can occur maintaining beautiful for you spell in the real not only the day you take it out of the box but even after year with heavy salt water use. Next you’ll notice the clicker, we came up with a base for it to click against using a high-quality phenolic resin-based material so that we would get a pleasing “click” but not a rough clank like you hear on some reels nowadays. When you look at the actual pawl for the clicker you will see that it is held in place with two separate springs, this design is famous in the Tyrnos reel by shimano that’s been a top seller in the market for almost 2 decades. These simply don’t fail.

    Clickers a very important asset for trolling as well as live bait and kite fishing because you need to have a light clicker that you can hear, that won’t break or fail over time, you’ll see that we’ve accomplished each one of those points in building a clicker mechanism on this reel. It’s a short review, a simple review, but it highlights the simplicity of this reel that is simply a bullet proof tank made to fish the way that we want to fish and hold up year after year after year.

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